India splutters to halt

Friday, January 09, 2009 Posted by j0e

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I was out last night to stock up on petrol like the rest of the country. The queue was horrible and the pump attenders were playing 'God' deciding who to give the last bit of their stock. In today's morning news, it seem like 80% of all pumps in major cities of India are out of stock. 90% of taxis and autos are not running. Does anyone know how long this strike is going to last?

Update : Cochin wasn't hit so bad. Fuel was available at the refinery pumps on Airport-Seaport Road and traffic was as usual except for the CPI meeting in Ernakulum town. It seems the fuel strike has ended but it will be Monday till everything gets back to normal production. Meanwhile the fuel pumps in metro cities will be refilled tonight.

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