Metro coming to Kuwait

Monday, December 01, 2008 Posted by Santo

Kuwait has come up with a new public transport system for the future - A rapid Transit System. After ten years in the planning, the government will finalize its specification for the proposed four-line metro network in the next month. The lines will be tendered as separate projects under a public-private partnership model. Construction will begin in 2009, and is anticipated to take 5-8 years. Around 65% of the network will be elevated with the remainder underground. The total cost is estimated at US$11·3bn.

The new system is said to bring much relief to congested road system and to the ones using public transport. The East-West routes would link the airport and the port, and a North-South line would connect the Iraqi and Saudi Arabian borders. This would eventually form part of the proposed 2000km Gulf rail network linking Iran and the Arabian peninsular.

Kuwait metro proposals
Line Length, km Stations

Line 1



Line 2



Line 3



Line 4



Later phases would see Line 1 extended by 57·3 km and Line 2 at 16·4 km.

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