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Wednesday, November 26, 2008 Posted by Santo

Sonu Nigam Kuwait PosterSonu Nigam Concert was AWESOME....too good to explain... he sure knows to get to people... Saji, Titto, Vinod & Myself, were all ready and eager for the show. Got a ticket for Dinu too who planned to join us at the last minute. We reached the stadium few minutes before the said timing but had to wait fer another 15 minutes for ma colleagues(Titto & Vinod) . Finally they got there. So we Got to our seat which weren't all that bad but would have been better if we got it in the center. Then we wait...wait...and wait... 15 min passed by...we were still waiting... waiting... and waiting, another 30 min passed by.... meanwhile most of the ppl gathered started gettin mad...lots of shouts here and there... hoping our wait wouldnt be a waste, we again waited... and finally almost an hour and quarter later the lights dimmed, display came up on the side screens and finally the show started.

Sonu Nigam's personal band came over to the stage and performed an instrumental showing their skills.
Sonu Nigam's Band

Gunjan Singh Performing with her songsGunjan Singh in Kuwait

And finally the star of the show SONU NIGAM
Sonu Nigam in Kuwait

This was one of ma favorites... he said making music was easy and asked fer names of some vegetables & Veg dishes... from the crowd he got Aalu,Gopi,Muli & Mutter Paneer and with the new improvised lyrics he starts with a song.

Here are some more videos of the concert. ENJOY!!!

Thats us enjoying the show
(Dinu was missed out he was the one who took the snap)

and thats the crowd enjoying the show.

That ended our wild night with Sonu Nigam.

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Lighthouse84 said... @ November 26, 2008 at 10:13 PM

'Aalu,Gopi,Muli & Mutter Paneer' :D.. I like it Even i didn't understand anything :).
Santo, Vinod & Titto.. You look amazing :)

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