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Tuesday, November 11, 2008 Posted by Santo

Morning on my way to work i happened to see this stunning car and just couldn't wait to catch up to it so as to find outwhich car it was and there i saw.... "THE AUDI R8". A Kuwaiti (obviously) was enjoying his ride, felt like kicking him off just to get to drive on that.
Waiting to get to the Showroom to check the car out. Well in Kuwait it might come somewhere around KD 45,000, am not sure abt it i'll update it after i pass by the AUDI showroom.
I was checking it out on net and to my suprise its available in India now. Was launched this month and around 16 cars have already been booked. Its priced at Rs. 1.17 Cr(without taxes) including taxes its gonna be somewhere around Rs. 1.7 Cr. Who says india doesn't have money?
Audi R8 was launched last year, the 2009 model has just slight changes but now that i saw it on road... Its Awesome.

According to D$, all Audi cars looked all the more same until i asked him to check up with this which he completely agreed with me on the looks.

You can have see the 360 degree view of AUDI R8 here

.In the meantime I can safely say the R8 is one of the best surprises of my motoring life. It is one of the truly great cars and the only hesitation I have in giving it five stars is that, ideally, I’d like to give it six.

Model Audi R8

Engine: 4163cc, eight cylinders

Power: 414bhp @ 7800rpm

Torque: 317 lb ft @ 4500rpm

Transmission: Six-speed manual

Acceleration/: 301 km/hr in 4.6 seconds.
Top speed

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