Quantum Of Solace

Saturday, November 22, 2008 Posted by j0e

Quantum of Solace Movie Poster

Ian Fleming's James Bond is back. But this is not the Bond you know. This Bond is hurt and is itching to do some hurting of his own in this fast paced action packed movie that has none of the elegance, gadgetry no smooth talk that Bond movies stood for. This is more like Bond took classes from Bourne during the summer.

Daniel Craig as Bond once again. Dame Judi Dench reprises the role of M. The story continues immediately from Casino Royale and starts off Bond tears aparts another Aston Martin just to deliver Mr.White to the MI6.
Quantum of Solace Daniel Craig
Bond then sets out to find (and destroy) the ultra secret organization Quantum, defeat Dominic Greene (Chairman of Greene Planet played by Mathieu Amalric) who is helping General Medrano stage a coup d'etat in Bolivia in exchange for a desert land. Bond also has a parkour scene (he must be used to that by now) over the rooftops of Italy. With the CIA out to kill him and MI6 unfriendly, Bond is on the run leaving bodies in his wake and is joined by Camille Montes(Olga Kurylenko) who has a bone to pick with the General.
Quantum of Solace Olga Kurylenko
BottomLine: Brutal and Breathless with ruthless performance by Daniel Craig. But not as good as Casino Royale. I'm giving it three stars because it reminds me how much I miss Bourne (yes, Bourne!)


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