Media and the 3 sides of the same coin!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008 Posted by Santo

I know its an 8 minute video, but 2 minutes and i promise you will be wiser and still be thinking. Its an IBN interview with Ram Jethmalani, one of India's top defence lawyers during the on going trial of Manu Sharma..See how things turn out. Made me ponder.

So whats your opinion? Don't you think the media takes it too far at times.. Duh!! yes it's their job but is it really their business to impose people with the editors view points. fair or unfair?? Right of Speech yes but am i not entitled to my own opinion. Why should someone who have their own opinion be ostracized that way
I know Manu Sharma was found guilty, rite now he's where he is supposed to be- rotting in jail is what he deserves to be doing.But doesn't everyone deserve the right to be defended. Flashback for people who dont know bout the Jessica Lal case. In 1999, Manu Sharma (high-profile, Bigshot son of a politician) was accused of killing Jessica Lal, a waitress at the Tamarind court, Delhi after she refused to serve drinks past curfew time. He shot Jessica point blank, admist a whole lot of witnesses. In 2006 he was acquitted with the influence of bribe, coercion and influence. But due to media outcry he was hauled back to court and found guilty later that year.

Back to the topic here, the lousy journalist just didnt know when to stop. Dont understand why she had to bring the lawyers family into this. Its like the whole world should be scared of the media, its opinions and influence. I know the guy is guilty but does that make the defence lawyer guilty too. And yes! the media does a wonderful job but tryin to coerce people into their opinion..

Its like there are 3 sides to the defending coin. One-Defending the innocent and framed, Two-Defending the guilty trying to get a lesser sentence and last defending a person whom the whole world knows is guilty by sight and evidence. Should they be really defended? shouldnt they be just thrown in jail and how many more ways are the media influencing us??

I dont know.. I am still thinking and damn it..the coffee table didnt break ;)

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