JackAss Awards 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 Posted by JoE

Just when you think they couldn't go any lower than they already were..BOOM..in your face..they've done it again..unbelievable..I'm talking about one of the most..correction..THE most laid back, annoying, mediocre, over-hyped university in the world.. BANGALORE UNIVERSITY!!

This age old institution is nothing but a disorganized, horrible, broken-down, run-of- the-mill establishment which is filled with old farts in the administrative section who keep stuffing their face and can barely move their ass from their chairs.

Why am i furious? I am furious because my friend Miya and I had been there 3 weeks back. We gave our exam on Feb 4th 2008, its been 9 months the whole class has got their marks card but we both still haven't got ours. For crying out loud!! pushing out babies can take 9 months. Does it take 9 months to just print my bloody marks on a crappy recycled piece of paper.. Seriously!!

So during one of our many visits to the university (20 kms from where i stay) we found out that the bloke-head external examiner (also from Bangalore university) who came for our practicals entered our roll numbers wrong. Our college roll number starts with KU and this supposedly genius Dr. Ding-Dong entered it as T (Bangalore university roll nos starts with T) Heavens know what he was fantasizing about while entering our marks? Now, here we both were, so elated we had reached the root of the problem..few more days and all this could be over and i 'll have my hands on my marks card.. WRONG AGAIN!!

These low-lying scumbags just wouldn't budge of their chairs even after acknowledging their fault..they asked us to find Dr. Ding-Dong after running around we found out that he was in China! (dont even ask). The people working there just didn't wanna do any work at all. They expected their colleagues to help and so the vicious circle continued. They kept sending us from one building to another building from one desk to another, the way any govt establishment works around here. You wont believe it- the main guy in charge even asked us to bribe the lousy clerks..ok he dint use the word bribe- he said give them food money and transportation money which i think is as good as bribe..do i have to pay for every step he takes to the next building..transportation money-my rear-end!! Finally decided to pay, these idiots still didn't wanna work they didn't even want the money. Finally after a tiresome week of running around ourselves we finally got our marks cards only to find these jackass good for nothing printed my marks wrong (talk bout my bad luck!!) Gosh these people can give a bad name to actual morons..I'm dealing with the mother-load of idiots here and the whole process started all over again for me. You know what? From all this I learned that we had to be the idiots wrapped in a moron to be associated with this university. Seriously!! and Yes People I am still in search of my elusive marks card.

And so the Jackass award of 2008 goes to the one and only Bangalore University and no joby ur CUSAT (Cochin University of Screw u And Try again) comes second place. Maybe u should tell us bout ur experience there..Lol

:- I am sorry..but the judges decision is final..got lot of complaints from ppl who think their respective uni's deserve first place.. I have complains from CUSAT (obviously)..M.G university and Madurai Khamaraj.. VTU anyone???

Some guy hit my cars bumper and i told him, 'Be fruitful and multiply'. but not in those exact words- Woody Allen

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JoE said... @ November 26, 2008 at 11:17 PM

by the way people academics in bangalore uni aint all that bad...its only the adminstration..felt like i had to clear the air

j0e said... @ November 27, 2008 at 10:33 PM

Sorry joel.. last year of running doesnt compare to my 4yrs in this hell hole.. tat will be in another post..

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