Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special

Friday, November 14, 2008 Posted by Santo

I haven't seen many ventriloquists, not even on TV, the few one who i actually did see in the past weren't anywhere near funny. If you can speak without having your lips moving, you'd better have some sense of humor, otherwise it's quite a waste.

Jeff Dunham and his Puppets

Dunham is freakin' hilarious. He was also a bit offensive at times, his dummies making black jokes and Jewish jokes that living comedians would never get away with. But by having Dunham react with shock at what his characters say, people let it slide.Each of his team mates or co-stars has a unique character, a different style of humor and he puts quite an act of stage.

His first DVD release was "Arguing With Myself" in 2006.

Arguing With Myself
After the success of his first DVD he then came out with "Spark of Insanity" in 2007.

Spark of Insanity
Been waiting since then for his next release And now finally hes out with his third being the 2008 Christmas Special named "Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special" whose premier which is supposed to be on November 16th '08. Waiting to get hold of it.

Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas SpecialThe co-stars for his shows are:

Walter is a retired and grumpy old man who has been married for 48 years.

He has a brash, negative, and often sarcastic view on today's world. He is a Vietnam War veteran and a former welder, and "doesn't give a damn" about anyone, especially his own wife.

Walter was also running for the President of United States.

Achmed The Dead Terrorist:

Achmed, the Dead Terrorist is a skeleton suicide bomber. After seein him perform i keep sayin often "Silence! I Kill You". Am sure even you will once u see him perform. His youtube video is one of the most viewed videos on the site.


He is one hyper funny lil purple guy who loves irritating jeff and loves to play pranks with Jalapeño pepper oh ya on the stick... you'll get it once u see him. Peanut and Jalapeño always performs together. Peanut is Jeff Best Buddy.

Jalapeño on the Stick:

He is a Superhero. I just love his innocent talks. you should hear abt the amazing powers he's got.

There are two more characters who i didn't find all that gr8 but they aint all the bad.
They are Sweet Daddy D who happens to be Jeffs manager in 'Arguing with myself'

And the other guy is Bubba J . Well check him out yourself.

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Lighthouse84 said... @ November 22, 2008 at 11:58 PM

I didn't know about him before.. Amazing man.. I like Walter our new President with his sarcastic way :D & the innocent guy Melvin.

j0e said... @ November 23, 2008 at 1:37 PM

Walter is a riot :)

Lighthouse84 said... @ November 25, 2008 at 12:34 AM

LoooooooooL.. Ya i saw that but with funny way :D.. Even i don't like the sarcastic ppl.. But i liked this one :D.. And now if i mad from one of my colleague in the office. I say (I kill you):P.. Really nice Blog guys!!

Monkey said... @ January 5, 2009 at 9:41 AM

Jeff Dunham is perhaps the greatest ventriloquist alive... or at least the funniest

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