The Impulsive, Spur-of-the-Moment Trip

Sunday, November 02, 2008 Posted by JoE

Since this is our first post, we thought we would start with one of our memorable (and the most arduous) road trips we've ever made. It all began in May 2008 when Santo came down to Kerala from Kuwait for his vacation. I immediately swooped down from Bangalore. We all met up in Kottayam @ D$'s and since Joby stayed in Cochin, we kept going up and down both the places atleast thrice a day with our ever so trusting WAGON R which Santo rented the car the day he landed.

It would be rude if i didnt dedicate a few lines to her. She ran as smooth as a song, no engine trouble or anything of that sort, Not once did she puncture..truly ol' faithful. We did manage to bump her twice, once to a big red Kerala Transport Bus. Not surprising considering the way they are driven. Monster Truck Madness!!

So finally after a week of pure rollicking fun and several of Ds's rendition of Benny Lava videos, i finally made up my mind to head back to Banglore (booked tickets twice only to cancel them). An hour before i was about to leave, Santo comes up with the ultimate absurd idea-Road trip to Banglore that very night!!! Ok...your thinking whats so absurd about that? I'll tell you why. Absurd because driving in India at night is as good as being in a black hole, hardly any street lights, possible meteorite craters on the road. The car wasnt serviced, both Ds and Joby hadn't packed or planned anything!
Joby as usual was cool with it, his only problem- THE BLACK GALANT

We summoned all our powers to convince him that it was only a 3 day affair and there was nothing to worry about and finally in 8 mins he caved in.

Then came the mountainous task of convincing Ds. He wouldnt budge. He hates all fast moving objects, and he certainly didnt want to be in one. His experience was his sensei.

Finally after an hour of begging and pleading, he agreed, on the condition that all the co-passenger took turns to stay awake with Santo, who wanted to drive the whole way.
[BTW at one point all of us slept including Santo who was still driving, lasted only for couple of secs thanx to Ds's scary intervention- jolted us right back to reality.]

At 10:30pm we set out for the ride of our lives with no map and no planning whatsoever.

First pit stop- the gas station. Wagon R's full tank capacity turned out to be only 20 litres, Did expect more.

Joby called shotgun for the front seat..ended up with bruised got the front seat tho!!

WHHHEEEEEE!!!!! For the moment, all of us wide awake.

Second pit stop- Fine Dining at some border town.

The Lone Ranger driving thru state borders at night.

Ds all stressed out and me stretching my legs..Leg space- Bare Minimum. Real tired and Sleepy at this point.

We couldn't wait for the dawn to break. We ran out of topics to talk, the benny lava song in our heads was killing us, later started cracking lousy PJ's. I took my sleep turn first, an hour later it was Joby's turn. I still continued my sleep. Our hopes rested on DS, we knew he was too scared to sleep in a moving vehicle.

Finally, the long awaited dawn, a sight to behold for our weary souls.

Once we saw the light it was a whole new world out there. Beautiful Breath-taking Landscape. Here's some of the landscape pictures we clicked. (Apologies for the lack of clarity in our pics... couldn't pack a camera at the last minute.)

Ooops!!! jOe, not scenic enough and NO!! he found some funny looking plant

Notice the periyar dam behind the trees. We were way ahead of the visiting hours lol!!

Finally after all the sight-seeing we were tired again, except Santo. He just kept driving like some kind of machine. You have to see it to believe it. Meanwhile Ds was trying with all his will power to stay up, he drank coffee after coffee, pinched himself but sleep cometh and spareth noone. Ds couldn't take it anymore and finally gave in.

He kept murmuring something in his sleep, couldn't make out much but we did hear him say "game". Seriously ever met someone who games while sleeping?

After 2 wrong deviations, a sahara of hardly any petrol bunks and 557 kms, we reached Bangalore at 11:30 am as ZOMBIES!! Dead tired and longing for something we could lay our backs on, we reached my place at 12 pm. After that it was a complete mystery, we have no idea what happened. All we remember was waking up later cause of hunger pangs. Certainly was an adventure, we would love to do it all over again.Of course a lil more planning included.

All in an overwhelming but fun trip.

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